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Propecia is a drug that we've heard a lot about lately. As one of the leading drugs in the fight against male pattern baldness, Propecia has already proven to be a reliable choice. Though many are surprised by the recent emergence of the Propecia brand, they would be even more surprised to know that Propecia is a variation of the finasteride, a drug originally produced by the Merck pharmaceutical company.

At first, it was expensive to buy Propecia brand medication, but today the generic version is available at a much cheaper price. Basically, this means that after the patent of finasteride expired, other companies became able to produce cheap Propecia, while maintaining the quality and effectiveness of the original drug. Thanks to the quick expansion of apothecaries over the world, you can buy generic Propecia 5mg in many stores all over the world, and even online.

Before purchasing this drug, it's very important to know such basic information as indications, dosage, etc. As mentioned previously, generic Propecia (finasteride) 5mg is used to treat male pattern baldness. Simply put, this condition involves gradual loss of hair on the head, and usually affects men more than women.

There are several known causes for hair loss, including family genetic history, old age, health problems, and several other possibilities which are still being investigated. Thankfully, no matter what caused it, you can now counteract it with cheap generic Propecia. Cheap Propecia 5mg should be taken in quantities of 1 pill per day, over the course of several weeks or until the intended result is achieved. Side effects are rare when taking cheap 5mg Propecia, but chills, confusion, cold sweat, dizziness, and some other effects may occur, after which a doctor should be visited as soon as possible.

There are two major ways you can obtain Propecia. First of all, it's easy to visit a local pharmacy and get it at the counter, but this is sometimes time-consuming and more expensive than it has to be. One of the easiest and most convenient ways to buy Propecia 1mg is online. That's right, with a few clicks of the mouse and a simple billing procedure, you can buy Propecia 5mg online.

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